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You’ve spent your working life being a successful professional. You’ve climbed the ladder sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, sometimes it’s been fulfilling other times it’s felt very hollow; now you’re looking at the future.   You maybe impatient, uncertain or possibly even scared to get started on the next stage! As part of your mid to later life transition, you may even be experiencing a sense of gloom or foreboding or even feelings of overwhelm and redundancy.  Deep down, you want to make sure you continue to realise your potential and purpose, maybe even leave a legacy capitalising on all the professional and life experiences you’ve had to date. Sitting still and putting your feet up (at least for a prolonged period) is probably not a prospect that excites you.  If this resonates, you should check out our book which aims to inspire you giving you ideas on how to get started on your transition into a fulfilling encore career - enabling you to have the impact you want to through your work and life.


This is YOUR time! 

From work life to new life - a podcast for smart professionals in mid to later career looking for inspiration with their fulfilling encore!

In this podcast, Rebecca and Mike converse with inspiring experienced professionals who have made the transition from organisational life into fulfilling encores. With their guests they explore insights gleaned and lessons learnt on this critical transition in order to demonstrate and inspire the listener on how they too can build a roadmap to rewrite the rules of retirement and build a fulfilling encore.
The Authors

Meet the Authors

How we came to write the book

The two of us first connected on the issue of Encore Careers for experienced professionals when working for one of the leading global consulting organisations. There we were developing a roadmap for experienced leaders in the business, particularly those in the final stages of their organisational life and career. At the same time, we were evolving as professionals, edging closer to our own encore careers. As we moved into this space, both with our work and in our own professional journeys, we became increasingly fascinated by why some professionals thrive and others struggle. Sadly, some even go into rapid decline as they transition out of large organisations into post-organisational life. We conceived and formulated the basis for this book over many years: a practical roadmap for professionals who want to reinvent retirement and thrive in their encore careers.


Mike Mister BA (Hons); MBA; ACIB; CFCIPD; MBPsS.

After an early career in retail banking and the defence industry, Mike spent the majority of his career in professional services, initially in the UK and then began the serious international part of his career when he joined Ernst & Young Global in their London Headquarters in 2002. Since that time, he has worked in professional services across the world in places as diverse as Australia, China, India, Israel, across Europe, South Africa, Canada and the USA. Mike is a Partner in leading professional services consulting firm PSFI Llp, an Honorary Professor in the School of Law at Queen Mary University of London and a Senior Fellow in the Conference Board’s Human Capital Practice.

Rebecca Hill BA (Hons), MSc, DipM, MCIM

After 25 years working predominantly in international professional services organisation leading global change programmes latterly as a Global Director at EY, Rebecca is now firmly embedded in the entrepreneurial space having successfully launched several businesses. She is currently crafting her portfolio career. Through her company, Wise Sherpa, Rebecca is collaborating with a number of Start Ups, Scale Ups and SMEs as well as more established businesses as a consultant, thinking partner, facilitator and coach working across geographies and cultures. She also sits on a range of boards and committees and is a keen advocate of Women’s Economic Empowerment.


About the book

As a wise person we know once said, most business books tend to be 300+ pages because printers need the spine to be big enough for the title and stores want books to be attractive on their shelves! We question whether that’s a good place to start and besides is quantity really better than quality?   So, we’ve written a short and concise, highly practical book.


Aimed at mid- to later-career professionals looking to transition out of large organisational life, these professionals are keen to explore what a fulfilling encore career could be. One thing is for sure, retirement in its classic sense is not something that appeals! So, if this sounds like you or someone you know or potentially, you’re looking to support a group of individuals in this situation, please keep reading and get in touch!


Working with many professionals over time, we’ve discovered that it is easy to become stuck when heading into or in the midst of this major transition. A process of reflection and self-awareness is vital, but most professionals end up lacking inspiration as to where and how to forge an encore career. They need encouragement to experiment, play, make mistakes, and learn. That’s what our book provides!


Whilst this may not seem urgent, our experience is that many also leave it too late to kick start the process. The tools in this book are for use, adaptation, or to be ignored, the key is to have fun, experiment, and be bold.


Though our book is concise, it packs a punch. It can be read in a single afternoon or can be dipped in out of on a journey. It provides readers with inspiration and provocation for experimenting with the first steps towards building an impactful, purpose-led encore career.


To illustrate how we challenge and support the reader, we’ve included several of our templates in pdf format from the book.


Chip Conley says in his book Wisdom at Work:

“Rewire, don’t retire”!


We are delighted and humbled to share with you just a few of the testimonials we’ve received about the book:

Written by two leaders in the field, this insightful and highly practical Playbook is a ‘must read’ for professional looking to go plural and live a life of purposeful flourishing.

Louise Chester, Managing Director, Potential Project UK and Founder at Mindfulness at Work Ltd



We thought it could be helpful to include four of our templates in pdf format from the book to illustrate the practical nature of our approach and to hopefully inspire you to buy a copy of the book and/or to reach out to us to explore how we might be able to assist you further.


You could jump into the work right now! With a pen and notebook or ipen and iPad over a cup of coffee or tea, reflect on the questions starting with So what next? And work through the remaining templates or go straight to the template that calls to you most. You may even like to discuss some of the questions and/or your reflections from this exercise with your partner, a friend or family member.

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Insights for organisational leaders

Rebecca highlights issues for individuals

Mike highlights further issues for organisations

Virtual Book Launch

Pictures from the launch celebration held at the Palace of Westminster